T34-85 Tank, Soviet

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T34-85 Tank, Soviet - The Soviet Union and their allies made over 50,000 T-34 series tanks and other vehicles and kept them in production long after World War Two. Widely exported all over Asia and Africa these tanks were found in dozens of wars, large and small, often on both sides! In WWII it was the standard Soviet tank after the first year and was considered rugged, reliable and able to be operated with minimal training. The Germans actually considered making a copy of the T-34 but instead built the Panther tank. Any captured T-34s were put into use by the German, usually with huge markings and sometimes with a Panzer IV cupola, and side skirts and Notek light on the bumper! Late production T-34’s were a huge shock to American and allied forces in the Korean War when they overran American troops using only light tanks. Remove the turrets and use them to make an armored tank. Use the remaining hull as an armored recovery vehicle. Replace the gun barrel with a long, very thin barrel and you have a T-34/57 a mid-war variant that was short lived. Thirty one tanks make up a battalion of three 10 tank companies and one HQ vehicle. The Artitec model is high quality resin.  (Bunker Talk)

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