M24 Chaffee


The Heiser's Model M24 Chaffee is an easy to assemble HO scale resin model with a plastic accessory sprue.


The Chaffee was first used by the US Army in combat in December, 1944 in Europe.


They were a sturdy and well liked tank and continued in service with Allied nations for decades after WWII.  Users included the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces, Belgium with over 200 of them, 1,200 were used by the French notably at Battle of Dien Bien Phu.  Hundreds of them were used by Greece, Italy, the UK, Turkey.  Altogether over 30 nations used the Chaffee, many even saw combat.


The Chaffee is an excellent light tank and this model is a great addition to your miniature collection.  it is very easy to assemble, and goes together with five minute epoxy or super glue type adhesives.  After applying primer they can be painted with any common model paints.

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