Do any of these apply to you?

  • I used to collect 1/87 HO military vehicles, but now they are taking up storage

  • My spouse keeps nagging me to "Get rid of those toy tanks."

  • I want to buy those great new Fidelis Model vehicles, but I don't have the money

  • Now that I've moved into an apartment after the divorce, I can't store all my tanks

  • I've decided to switch from WW2 to Napoleonics, what do I do with the tanks?

Used 187 Scale Model Kits

If you are looking to sell your used collection of Roco Minitanks, Trident, Preiser, etc contact Fidelis Models for a fair estimate of the value.  Rather than trying to piece out your collection and ending up stuck with the junk, we will buy your entire collection.

Model Kit Collection

Contact us with a detailed description of what you would like to sell. Include representative photos. Be honest in describing the condition (e.g. painted or unpainted, parts missing, melted hulls, missing hatches, etc).

Please contact us at for a proposal to purchase your used kit collection. We generally pay a 1/3 refundable deposit, then you ship the collection at your cost and you retain ownership.  We then have about 10 days to inspect the collection.  If we accept, then we pay you the balance. If we don't accept, then we pay to ship the collection back to you.