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Crew Cab Brush Fire Truck
Boley Crew Cab Brush Fire Truck
MODEL #: 2059-77
Sale price$12.99
In stock, 6 Kits
Jagdpanther Green
Boley Jagdpanther Green
MODEL #: 2130
Sale price$7
In stock, 223 Kits
TPz 1 Fuchs 6x6
Roco TPz 1 Fuchs 6x6
MODEL #: 306
Sale price$15
In stock, 12 Kits
T-72 TankT-72 Tank
SDV T-72 Tank
MODEL #: 87054
Sale price$20.75
Only 2 Kits Left
M3A1 Lee Tank, Cast Hull
Reviresco M3A1 Lee Tank, Cast Hull
MODEL #: M3A1 Lee - Cast Hull
Sale price$12.50
In stock, 22 Kits

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What Armored Car is That?

What Armored Car is That?

Armored CarMichael Creek
My collection of Roco Minitanks is very old. And so there are a lot of old vehicles in it.  One of them is the Roco 234 series armored car.  The G...
Die Cast Civilian to Military

Die Cast Civilian to Military

ConversionMichael Creek
Converting civilian Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars into military vehicles.
Painting With Spray Cans

Painting With Spray Cans

PaintingMichael Creek
Painting with mass market spray paint can be less expensive than using model paints.

The Roco Minitanks Collectors Club

If you collect 1/87 scale Roco Minitanks, then you are in the right place! Roco is an Austrian company which manufactured their Minitanks line of military model kits for over 50 years. The models are nicely detailed and often include movable parts and other accessories to add more details to your model. The Minitanks collection includes vehicles from World War Two to the present. Roco Minitanks in HO (1/87 scale) are perfect for the railroad hobby, military modelling, and wargaming. Whether you have been collecting Roco Minitanks for 50 years or just starting out in the hobby, you will find the Roco Minitanks Collectors Club a great resource to see the hundreds of fantastic kits offered over the years.

If you have a photo of your finished Roco Minitank model kit, send it to us and we will add the photo to the club site. Some of the kits don’t yet have a photo. If you have a photo of any of these Roco Minitanks new out of box, please send us the photo to include on the club site. If there are any kits missing from the list, let us know.