Korean War US Army Tanks


One of the most important tanks in the early part of the war was the 90mm gun armed M26 Pershing tank.  Heiser Model in HO scale resin.


On hand for the initial invasion by North Korean T34 tanks were the light tank, the M24 Chaffee.  An excellent light tank, but not what you need to stand up to an invasion of the Soviet T34.  Heiser Models HO scale resin model.



US Army Sherman tanks were well received in the Korean War, their mobility in the narrow mountain roads was often better than the M26 and M46 tanks.  Heiser Models 105mm howitzer tanks with HVSS and VVSS tracks.


The standard tanks were the M4A3 and M4A1 tanks, late production with the HVSS tracks and 76mm gun.  HO scale models by Heiser Models in resin.


A row of M4A3E8(76)Sherman Medium Tank, HVSS Track, Late Production, 47 degree Front, Large Hatch tanks drive down the road.  Heiser Models resin kits with plastic accessories in HO scale.


The same group of tanks from the other side.  Paul Heiser Models is making a nice selection of Korean War era US Army and USMC armor.

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