Electronic Warfare Model Vehicles

There are not very many electronic warfare vehicles in HO scale.  So I decided to make my own. 

The simple way is to just take one of the Roco van trailers or van body trucks and call it an electronic warfare vehicle.  This one I put a clear plastic dome on the top.  Maybe it's a cover for a radar or other antenna, or maybe for shooting sextant readings from inside the van.

These are a couple civilian cab over trucks that I got at a train show.  I put a Roco radio van box on the back.  Then I got a toy radar dish and added a bit of detail and now it's a radar dish, or perhaps a microwave communications van.  In WWII the US Army used microwave communications to transmit orders across the English Channel.  Could neither be jammed nor intercepted by the Germans.

Put a military police officer next to the van and you know something fishy is going on!  Gotta guard the secrets.

Put a few of these vehicles together, add some stacks of supplies and a few guards and you have an electronic warfare unit.  In my rules set EW prevents the enemy from using observed artillery fire using the radio, if the EW unit makes the saving roll.  If the jammer and the forward observer are within direct line of sight the jammer has a 65% chance of blocking his transmission that turn.

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