Heiser Models M46 Patton Tank Resin Model

Heiser Models M46 tank with sand skirts.

Now Heiser Models makes the Lee, Sherman, M26, and M46, then adding the Roco Minitanks M47, M48, M60 and Abrams you can get essentially all the major American medium, or main battle tanks from the beginning of WWII until the end of the Cold War.

This is a resin kit with the typical Heiser Models plastic accessory sprue.  Note the fine details on the deck.  The gun lock is a separate piece.

Note the tool sprue on the front.

The sand skirts are optional, many of the first ones had them but many tanks did not use them.

The two hatches are separate pieces, and so is the machine gun mount.  But most of those little bits are molded on.  A plastic .50 caliber machine gun is included.

The hull rear and tracks have a lot of fine detail on them.

Despite all the little details this model is easy to assemble.  I am planning on buying a company of them.  They served in the Korean War but were rather quickly replaced by M47 tanks.  Over 1,100 were manufactured, and were used in combat by the US Army and the USMC.

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