M46 Comparisons

The cover shows an unpainted M46 tank and one painted olive drab, both by Heiser Models in HO scale.  The second photo is a left side view of an M26 Pershing.  All of the tanks in this blog posting are HO 1/87 scale and were made by Heiser Models or by Roco Minitanks.  Heiser Models are resin with plastic detail accessories and Roco Minitanks are all plastic.

Roco Minitanks M47 on the left, and Heiser M46 Patton on the right.

Note the difference in the hulls, the dark color Pershing near the camera and the light color M46, both by Heiser Models.

Left to right, M47 by Roco, and M46, M26 by Heiser Models.

Same tanks but with the turrets turned.

Head on view of the M46 on the left and M26 on the right.  The big bulge on the right side of the turret for the M26 is a good indication of it being an M26.

M46 Patton on top and M47 by Roco on the bottom.  These three tanks are excellent examples of American tank improvement over a period of about ten years.  Each of them only served for a short period of time in US service and all three served in the Korean War, alongside US Army Sherman tanks.

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