US Army Versus UFO's

Radar dish

Years ago I got a bunch of these toy radar dishes on the back of a junk truck.

Radar truck rear view

The trucks went to the Goodwill but i kept the radar dishes.  Then I got this old truck out of the spares box.

Close up radar dish

Remembering the 1950's science fiction classic, Earth vs the Flying Saucers I decided it was time to employ some defenses against alien attack.

Congress UFO and Truck

I painted up the truck and converted it to a radar carrier, but updated the radar into a weapon.

It was an easy conversion, I cut down the radar dish mount so it would fit on the truck bed, a Roco 5 ton truck or even a 2 1/2 ton truck would have worked just as well.

Truck with Radar Dish weapon

The weapon part is just a plastic drinking straw with a spring inside.


Get a spring that is just barely small enough to fit into the straw.  It took a little work but I finally got the spring into the straw.  No need to glue it.  Cut the straw to length with scissors.  I save springs from used up ink pens for just this purpose.

UFO and Truck

I put a tiny bit of clay on the base of the spring to hold it all in place, that way I can remove the weapon and use it as a regular radar.  I will probably use a little super glue to hold it in eventually.

UFO over Capital Building

This unit managed to save the Capitol Building.

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