Boley Heiser Jagdpanther

I used to think that the Jagdpanther was a very rare vehicle.

But the Germans actually made over 400 of them.


Production of them started in January of 1944 and continued to the end of the war and even a few afterwards for testing and evaluation by the UK.


They were mostly used on the Eastern Front, but they fought the British in Normandy and the US in the Battle of the Bulge.


This is the Boley model, in HO scale, they also sell one in green, which is identical apart from color.  They are plastic and fully assembled and painted right out of the package.

Jagdpanther Heiser

This is the Paul Heiser model in resin.  It comes with lots of spare tracks, and tools and bits that have not yet been put on this vehicle.  Note the track details are very nice.


The Jagdpanther was organized in platoons of four and companies of fourteen.

Jagdpanther Boley

The Boley paint job is very good and it varies from vehicle to vehicle as real tanks would.  I have four of the Boley ones I picked up a couple years ago and eight of the Heiser ones that I got about 25 years ago or more.

The Boley Jagdpanther is very inexpensive and all plastic so it would make a good base vehicle for conversions.  I have considered maybe a recovery version, or some of the notional missile launchers or heavy assault howitzers.

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