T72 by Petner Panzers

Petner package

Petner Panzers T-72 injection molded Soviet tank model was sold in several types of packaging, here in Heiser Models.

Petner instruction sheet

The model is rather simple and so are the instructions.  On the flip side they contain a history of the tank and simple wargame rules.

Petner parts small

These are mostly turret parts.  Nearly flash free and well molded.

Petner parts large

The main sprue with the hull, turret and crewman figure.  Decal sheet is also included.  I really like this feature because Roco did not include decals or crew and had to be purchased separately.

Petner hull

I used a pin vise to drill out the lower hull holes for the upper hull pins.  They are just a bit too small.  The pin on the left side is also a little too tall and I sanded it down a fraction.

Petner tracks

Test fit of upper hull before the turret or the tracks are added.

Petner upper hull

The upper hull has a hole in it to receive a pin on the bottom of the turret, so the turret can spin.  The hole is a little tight so using the same drill I used for the hull holes, I made the upper hull hole a tad larger.  I made a plastic washer out of scrap plastic.  Put the turret on, add the washer, and then put the glue on the washer to avoid getting glue on the upper hull.

Petner turret

Turret assembly and test fit of upper hull with tracks installed.

Petner instructions turret

The little searchlight needed to have the mounting hole enlarged to fit right, I used the same drill as before.

Petner rear side

Nearly completed model, rear side view.

Petner rear

I added the machine gun on last as it is very fragile.

Petner front side

All done.

Petner front side turret

I think it is a great wargame model and would be a great starting point to add other details or convert to different versions.

Petner rockets

What NATO prepared for in the 1980's.

Petner more rockets

Thankfully that never happened.

Petner tools

These are the tools I used, Model Master plastic glue, X-Acto knife with #11 blade, pin vice and small drill, tweezers, and Tamiya sprue cutter, and cutting mat.  I did not install the smoke dischargers.  There are no locating holes for them and being tiny pieces they seem more trouble than they are wroth for a wargame model.  I do keep them in case I decide to try later.

Thanks for reading.

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