Interwar US Army Howitzer Conversion

Roco howitzer conversion front view

The US Army was working on a 105mm howitzer even before World War One ended but their first production 105mm howitzer was not in service until 1932.  The 105 Howitzer M2 on Carriage M1 was the grandfather of the 105mm howitzer that saw service in World War Two.  It is very similar to the Roco Minitanks howitzer and is an easy conversion.  14 of them saw service with troops from about 1933 but none saw combat.

 Roco 105 French 75

I used the Roco Minitanks Z-183 as the basis for this older cannon.  I also used the wheels from a HaT World War One American "French 75" cannon in 1/72nd scale.

 M1 105mm Howitzer

First disassemble the Roco Howitzer.  Cut the little shield off of the front of the gun.  That was a much later addition.  Then cut the larger shield so that the outside edges are straight up and down.

 Roco 105 howitzer coverted to M1 version

Then remove the pins from the breech and the holes that receive them from the trails. 

Roco howitzer conversion rear view

Then put the gun back together using the wheels from the HaT French 75.  I used a little thicker wire for the axle as the French 75 wheel has a larger hub.  Glue it with cyanoacrylate glue to hold the metal axle to the plastic wheel.

 Roco 105mm Side View

A quick and easy conversion. I used Roco howitzer bits from the spares box to make this conversion, which is why I glued it to a plastic card.  It was barely holding together with trails from two different guns and they had seen a rough life!

Roco howitzer with crew

I made four of them for my Interwar US Army.  They were intended to be drawn by a six horse team with a limber.  My plan is to use the horses and limber from the ancient Airfix Royal Horse Artillery set.  Eventually all four guns bases will get flocking.

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