Twin .50 Halftrack

Halftrack front

In 1963 the first episode of the TV series The Outer Limits was broadcast.  It was called "The Galaxy Being."

Halftrack left side

In that show an electromagnetic being is transmitted to Earth and his radiation accidentally kills someone.

Halftrack rear

The military come and bring an M3 halfrack with a twin .50 caliber machine gun mount, like those used on PT boats.  This model is based on that TV show vehicle.  I doubt it is a real version of an American halftrack but it in plausible and interesting.

Halftrack right side

I used one of the machine gun mounts from an old Revell PT 109 model kit in 1/72nd scale.  I cut off the old ammo boxes and replaced them with Roco ammo boxes, which are more detailed.

Halftrack overhead view

I mounted the machine guns on a bit of plastic rod.  As you can see it's two machine guns, side by side with an ammo box on the outside of each machine gun.

Halftrack front side view

This is a standard Roco M3 halftrack with the side rails removed and the holes filled in.  The pulpit mount and internal mounting for it and the mortar mount were also removed and filled in.  It's a very quick conversion, and if you don't have a Revell PT boat two large Roco or Heiser Models .50 caliber machine guns mounted together with a couple bits of plastic would likely work just fine.

It certainly would put out a lot of firepower and you would think any Galaxy Being would be in great danger facing such a weapon. 

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