Sherman Tanks

Sherman tanks

In World War Two there were 186 Sherman tanks in an Armored Division. 

Sherman tank Effiel Tower

159 of those were in the three Tank Battalions.

Shermans Arc

There are 154 HO scale Sherman tanks in this photo.

Shermans 154

That's likely as many as any Armored Division was going to have operational on any given day.

Shermans in color

A while back I started work on my Sherman tank collection and this is where I am so far.  Some are painted, some are unpainted and some have primer on them.  Nearly all of them are Paul Heiser Models or Roco Minitanks.  All but a couple of the Roco Minitanks have been heavily modified because the originals are incorrect in several places.

Shermans oblique

Over the rest of the summer it is my hope to paint more of these, do more work on many of them to give them more details.  I also have more of them to assemble.  My plan is to have enough for a full strength Armored Division, I have the models, but I need to assemble a few more.  I also want to back date a few more for North Africa.

Fidelis Models usually has at least a few Paul Heiser Models Sherman tanks in stock, get them while you can!

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