Heiser Models Sherman 105 Howizer Construction

Heiser label

Paul Heiser makes a huge range of Sherman tanks.  This one is the 105mm howitzer version, late production with the HVSS suspension system.  They were used post war as well by the US Army.

Heiser label

This is a resin and plastic kit.  It is not too difficult to put together but requires patience and epoxy and super glue to assemble.

Heiser parts

These are the main parts after they have had any flash removed.  There are other very small parts that I don't consider necessary for a wargame model, but that would enhance the look of the kit for a display model.  I have not included them in this display.  The plastic sprue includes machine guns and other parts that I will likely add later.

Sherman turret

Gun lock for the front hull, turret with the 105mm howitzer barrel, and two hatches.  Hatches can be open or closed.

The turret is a complex casting and has almost no flash at all.  A quick go over with an hobby knife and some fine grit sanding stick and most of these parts are fine.

Close up of the hull.  The suspension requires some time, there are 12 little road wheels and six bumpers to put on and that takes both some preparation time to remove flash and careful gluing.  It's not hard, just time consuming.  The little wings are individual track links that go alongside the hull.

Heiser Sherman

I managed to lose one suspension bumper so I replaced it with one from a junk Roco Z-101 Sherman suspension bit from the spares box.  Bow machine gun and tools added to the front and rear side.

This is not a difficult kit, but cutting off the flash does take some time, mostly because the parts are very small.  I used 5 minute epoxy for all the parts, except the plastic parts which I attached with gel super glue.  Late WWII these were common in US Army tank companies and battalions, also used in the Korean War.

Paul Heiser Shermans fit perfectly with the Roco Z-202 Sherman. 

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