Sherman Tank M4A1 Cast Hull Tank

M4A1(76)W SHERMAN Late Production HVSS Track

This is one of the best resin model kits from Paul Heiser.  It is a beautiful model of the late World War II Sherman tank models.  The M4A1 was the cast hull version of the tank.  The (76) indicates the tank has the long barrel 76mm gun.  The W is the wet storage for ammunition.  Once this method of storing ammunition was developed the tanks seldom caught fire when hit.  This particular vehicle has the late World War Two Horizontal Volute Suspension System tracks.


These are the resin parts for this model.  The hull is one piece.


The one piece hull, the huge hole receives a peg on the bottom of the turret which allows the turret to fully and smoothly rotate.


These track sections are very detailed.  The other road wheels are separate, you can see two of them on the lower right corner of the photo.  Note the fine detail of the engine grill second from the left.


The commanders hatch and loaders hatches are separate pieces that can be glued on in open or closed positions.  There is an indentation under the hatch space so that you could add a commander or loader if you wanted to.


A side view of the hull shows the curved cast hull.  The hull hatches are visible in the lower right corner. 


This plastic sprue is provided with every Paul Heiser Sherman tank.  It provides a great selection of machine guns, pad eyes, fuel cans, and plenty of tools.  It is a very useful item

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