Ordinary Items for Hobby Use Part I

VHS box

Many everyday items can be used for hobby purposes and in this multi-part article you will see some of the household items that I use with my hobby.

I have a number of extra VHS tape boxes.  I use them as a stage to display hobby items, particularly for photos.

VHS box

I use two of them to create soft lighting, and a clean space for the background and the foreground.

HO truck

Light directed from the back can shine through the box and make a great silhouette of a model.  In this case a Heiser Models US Army truck.

HO truck

Light shined from the front and the boxes give a smooth, clean, non-distracting background.


Aluminum foil is very useful for many purposes.  I use it to mix two part epoxy glue on.  Foil is sturdy, and easily disposed of when the glue is used.

paint pot

Some thick paints are best used on a palette, this plastic palette I got from the dollar store craft department. 

paint pot foil

When I add a square of aluminum foil, clean up becomes instant, just toss it in the trash when done painting.  The goal in using household items is to find products that are inexpensive, easy to find, and that do a useful job when doing hobby projects.  I have more of these tips coming soon.

Thanks for reading.

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