Ordinary Items for Hobby Use Part II

Paper towel

Recently I found out about a new type of paper towel.

Paper towel

It has perforations that allow each towel to be easily torn into four squares.

Paper towel

By having four small squares it makes the towels more convenient for use in hobby projects.

Paper towel

I tear a stack of these several inches tall and keep them on hand whenever I am doing hobby projects that involve paint or glue.

Paper Towel and Paint

They are useful for wiping up spills, and for cleaning up after using the paint palette.  I also use them to wipe paint off of brushes when I am done with them.

Water Bottle

I also keep a drinking water bottle on hand, filled with water.  I use it to wet the paper towels to clean up acrylic paints.  And it is also helpful for cleaning brushes.


Price stickers are useful for several tasks.  I get them at stationary stores or office supply stores. 

Paint jars

I keep my paints in an office desk.  By putting a sticker on the top of the bottle, I can label the paints with the paint number and / or the paint color name.  It makes finding the right color much easier.  I even do this with some jars that have colored lids so that I can differentiate flat red from gloss red, since similar colors often have nearly identical jar lids.

More hobby tips coming soon.

Thanks for reading.

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