Ordinary Items for Hobby Use Part III


I use little paper cups for several things.  They are useful for sorting small parts, and I put water in them to clean paint brushes with acrylic and water based paints.

Nut Cracker

The nutcracker can be used to help open paint jars that are stuck closed.


Kabob sticks are helpful to mix paints in tall paint jars.


Sometimes I decant spray paint into tall glass jars and these are about the only way to mix the paint without shaking it.

Coffee Stirrers

Wooden coffee stirrers are great for mixing paint.


I often use them to mix epoxy glue also.  Usually I break the wet paint part off and use the other end as a mixing stick so these get used twice.

Sandwich Picks

Sandwich picks are like jumbo toothpicks.


They are good for paint mixing, for mixing epoxy glue, and for moving around decals, or for scrapping dried paint off the rim of the paint bottle.

The coffee stirrers and the sandwich picks I get at a local restaurant supply store, it's open to the public and have lots of interesting products.

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