Ordinary Items for Hobby Use Part IV


These are long toothpicks.  They are useful for applying epoxy glue.


I also take the top off of my super glue bottle and use one of these long toothpicks to reach inside and get a tiny bit of glue to apply in a precise spot.  These are long enough to get to the bottom of the bottle.  These are bamboo and don't break well, they shred.


These round toothpicks are wooden and harder than the square ones.  They break easily if I only want a short toothpick.


The round toothpicks make good paint brushes to paint a small dot on a tail light or other tiny bit.  Much more precise than a paintbrush, at least for me.

Toothpick Box

Tic Tac candy dispenser.  MRS Bunkermeister likes these.

Toothpick box

It holds flat toothpicks.  I find the quality of flat toothpicks seems to have declined a lot in the last 20 years, so they break easily.

Toothpicks box

A quick shake and the toothpicks fall out easily.  I use all of these three kinds of toothpicks for mixing two part epoxy glue, applying CA and other glues, painting, and even to aid in placing a water slide decal.

More hobby tips coming soon.

Thanks for reading.

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