Roco in Vietnam

US Army Vietnam

Roco Minitanks, outdoors in the backyard.

US Army Roco

US M109 self-propelled howitzers, and an M578 armored ammunition carrier.

Roco Minitanks

M38 Jeep and M113 and M109.

US Vietnam

Many of the older Roco US Army vehicles served in the Vietnam War.


Paint them up, it was a colorful time for US Army equipment.


Jeep is the M38 which was used all through the war, but served alongside the M151 during part of the war.


Figures are 1/72nd scale soft plastic by Esci although now are recast by Italeri.  The US 109 was used in batteries of 4 to 6 during the Cold War.  Each one typically had an M578 ammo carrier.  These could be assigned to a semi-permanent fire base, or could be sent out fire a mission and then move on in only a few minutes.  The 105mm M108 was also used early in the war but was later replaced by towed 105mm guns.

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