M47 Roco Old and Roco New


 This is an M47.  This model was made by Roco and appeared in several other companies sets over the years.


 It is a terrible depiction of the M47 and is barely recognizable.

M47 rear

 It is strange that in the late 1950s companies would sell models that were this poor.  It has only the most superficial resemblance to the real M47 tank.

M47 top

 It is not just a matter of error, but also a lack of detail.  The turret hatches are just disks.

M47 bottom

 And I am not sure why they felt compelled to add the wheels to the bottom, but that was common on many toys for about 100 years or more.

M47 side

 This is the newer Roco Minitanks M47.  It is greatly improved although not perfect by today's standards.

2 M47

 It is also massively larger than the original.


 The difference in size is astounding.

M47 bottoms

 Still has the little wheels however.  This Roco has a replacement set of tabs holding on the axles, on the original it is one piece not two.

M47s top

The old one looks like a baby M47.

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