Cast Hull Sherman Tank Models


 This is a cast hull Sherman tank, I think it was sold by Eldon.

Two Shermans

 Here is what I think is a Roco cast hull Sherman and the Eldon tank.

Upside Down Shermans

The Eldon had soft plastic detailed tracks.  The other one does not actually say Roco on the bottom or have the Roco triangle label.  However, it does have Made in Austria on the bottom.

Sherman sides

Here is the Roco tank next to the Paul Heiser Models version.  Notice how long it is in comparison to the Roco!

Sherman top

The Roco version is a late war tank with the commanders cupola and the loaders hatch.  The Paul Heiser Models is an older tank without the loaders hatch and the commanders split hatch.  The Heiser model does come with the late production hatch and the loaders hatch, I just used the older hatch on this model.

 Sherman back

 The Roco tank has essentially no rear engine detail.  It is also really small.  Paul Heiser Shermans have several different types of rear engine detail depending on the type of engine.

Sherman line up

The three tanks together.  The Eldon tanks are hard to find, they made several different vehicles and they all had the separate tracks in soft plastic.  I have used the soft plastic tracks as add on armor for Roco vehicles since it is a nice size and highly detailed.

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