Panzer Selbstfahrlafette IV Ausf. C, Roco Grille Modification

This is a modification of the Roco Grille, model Z-105.

In late 1944 the original gun and front shield was removed from one Grille and replaced with the FlaK 41 L/74 cannon with the typical ground mount shield replacing the original shield on the self-propelled gun.

This self-propelled gun was assigned to the Army Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion of the 26th Panzer Division.  It served in Italy late in the war.  I have been unable to find out any of it's combat record but the 26th Panzer Division was destroyed by the end of the Battle of the Po River Valley in late April, 1945.

I have been working through the spare parts box and putting together various vehicles.  This is one of those.  It is a Roco Grille Z-105 and I think an Airfix 1/76th scale 88mm anti-aircraft gun.  Because the gun was by itself I am not sure exactly who made it.

While the cannon is not HO scale it does fit inside the compartment.  I also did not have any extra Roco flak 88mm guns to use for this conversion.  My intent on this project was to use bits from the spares box and this is as close as I could come.

I used the cannon, the front shield and the gun support from the Airfix kit.  I removed the short gun support from the Roco, and of course, the gun and mounting from the Roco model.  I used the pins from the Roco gun mount so this this gun would turn in the existing hole in the base of the mount.

Considering the project was free and took about one work day, I think it turned out pretty well.  The Germans only made one, so I only needed parts for one.   A pretty good looking vehicle and another use for one of those old Grille models I had laying around.

Thanks for reading.

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