Patchwork M4A3 Sherman Tank

This tank is made of bits from several companies.

Going through my spares box of Sherman tank parts I compiled this tank from many original sources. 

The upper hull front is a Roco Sherman tank.  The white rear hull is a pre-production Heiser Models Sherman tank in white plastic, not resin.

The turret, hatch and gun are all stock Roco Minitanks from a different tank than the front hull.  The hull width was nearly identical, but did need a touch of sanding to be perfect.

The hull bottom and rear and lower nose are left over resin parts from a US Army T6 medium tank project that I scratch built and resin cast years ago.

Most of these bits are left over from conversion projects.  I have put Heiser Sherman tank turrets on Roco Shermans.  The hull is a left over from my still incomplete T6 medium tank project.  The tracks may even be from Roco M10 or M36 tank destroyers, or possibly Eko.  Sometimes I buy a few used vehicles and get either incomplete vehicles or simply a few vehicle parts.  I always try to sort out and save the parts just for projects like this one.

I put a paper thin plastic disc on the center of the turret location because the Heiser rear hull is slightly higher than the original Roco and so the Roco turret would not clear without the modification.  Essentially by combining parts from the spares box I was able to create a whole new tank, for free. 

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