What Are SDV Models Like?

SDV models are plastic model kits that require some assembly.  They are more complex than the average Roco Minitank, but not as complicated as the typical model kit.  For example, the tracks are usually one large piece including most, and sometimes all the road wheels.


This is the box for a T-55M tank from the Cold War era.  Many SDV kits are from the period between the years 1950 to 2000.  Often they are Czechoslovakian versions of vehicles designed by the Soviet Union.

Frequently the differences between the Soviet original and the Czechoslovakian production vehicles are minor and the SDV models can be used as belonging to many different armies.  Czechoslovakia exported vehicles to the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact nations and other countries around the world.

The SDV T-54 /55 series tank models fit nicely with the Roco Minitank T-54 tank, but SDV makes both specialized and upgraded versions of those tanks.

Here are the contents of the kit.  It is packaged security in a little plastic bag.  This kit has separate photo etched brass parts and a decal sheet.

There is no flash and the parts are all well molded.  The decals are very small and multi-colored.

The individual parts do not have a parts number molded on them.  The instruction sheet has a photo of all the parts laid out and numbered.

I put all the pieces out on a sheet of white paper and placed them in the same position as the instruction sheet for easy reference.

The instruction sheets are well drawn and clear.  Construction is broken down into easy sections.

Test fitting of the parts is a good idea before gluing them into position.

The model goes together easily with regular model glue.

The last part is the photo etched brass side skirt.  Use CA glue to fit it to the sides.  Not a lot of bending for the PE and that’s always a plus. 

The instructions include a few photos of the real tank for reference.

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