The Jagdpanther was a World War Two German heavy anti-tank armored vehicle.  It was based on the Panther medium tank chassis and carried an 88mm gun similar to that used on the Tiger II heavy tank.  Over 400 of these vehicles were produced during the war, most of them fought the Russians, however the British faced some at Normandy and the US Army fought them in the Battle of the Bulge.


Boley makes an excellent model of the second production version of this vehicle.  It comes fully assembled and painted, ready to go right out of the package.  It is an HO scale vehicle and fits well with the Heiser model and Trident model versions of the Panther.


Heavy tank destroyers typically operated in platoons of four vehicles, with companies of 14 which included two headquarters vehicles.  A battalion was 45 vehicles including three in the battalion headquarters.

The Jagdpanther battalion was not an organic part of a division but would be assigned to specific units for a particular operation and then withdrawn and sent elsewhere.  Often they were sent to reinforce an offensive, or counter-offensive, or to plug a hole in the line until a Russian breakthrough could be contained.

The Boley HO scale Jagdpanther is long out of production but if you can get them they are an excellent model for an late WWII wargamer or diorama builder.

One Jagdpanther sits in overwatch while the second vehicle slowly moves forward supported by infantry.

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