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Early World War Two Soviet BT series tanks assemble.


I use 1/72nd scale figures with my HO scale tanks because there are so few HO scale figures available.  Here a solder stands near a fuel truck.



When taking photos of your HO scale models, go outside and use the natural light.  The colors look good and you can see the details.

Get down low to the subject unless you are providing an overview of the models.  This angle looks more natural.  I like to take photos on overcast days because there are fewer shadows and fewer harsh direct sunbeams on the models.

These models are on a couple pieces of wood that I use to spray paint on.  It makes a nice ground surface of grays and greens for posing models.  The wood is on a table and the trees and grass in the background look very much like part of the picture.  I think it makes for a better photo background than a green cutting mat and bottles of model paints!

My camera is a Nikon L340.  It gives me more options than a cell phone camera.  It takes good photos even in low light and automatically does many adjustments to make my photos look good.  The macro setting allows me to get in close to the models and bring out the small details.

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