Roco JagdTiger

The old Roco JagdTiger is still a useful and interesting model.

Despite being a fifty year old kit, when painted up it looks pretty good.

One of the ways to improve their look is to paint them up.  At the factory vehicles were usually painted in a camouflage scheme.  But once they left the factory the vehicles were painted by the crews.  They used a paste that was mixed with gasoline or kerosene or other fluids to make the paint.  It was then air brushed on, or applied with a broom, or a mop.  So having your JagdTiger unit with many different color combinations is a fun idea.

The JagdTiger was a very late war vehicle and markings could vary wildly as individual units and vehicles were transferred depending on the situation.

Sometimes troops were sent to the factory to pick up their vehicles because the front lines were very close by.  So brand new vehicles could see combat within a few days of completion.

JagdTigers were organized into companies of 14 vehicles, two in the Headquarters and then three platoons of four vehicles each.  Often in the chaos of the late war period platoons and even individual vehicles operated independently.

Easy conversions or details include cutting off the muzzle break, or adding track links to the side.

Sometimes people have old JagdTigers in their collection that just need a little attention to make them into a pretty good model.

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