Snow Combat

When the weather report says it’s time for snow, that’s an opportunity to get some great photos of your collection.

I like to buy ceramic Christmas buildings at dollar stores and big box retailers.    As winter approaches I get a group of buildings and accessories and put them near the basement door.  Then when the forecast says snow, I go to work.  I have a table on my patio and I put a couple pieces of sheet plastic over the wire table.  Wood would work, or even be unnecessary but my table has a wire tabletop. 

I set the buildings up in streets and in this case even added a town square.

Sometimes I buy a bunch of identical buildings to make a block of row houses.  The buildings usually have Christmas decorations and snow painted on them.  Sometimes I paint them over but usually I just leave them.  The nice thing about these kinds of buildings is they are cheap, durable, already assembled and painted and are generic enough to work for the period of about 1800 to 2100.

Here are street lights along the main road and a clock tower in the town square.  The base is a big sheet of vinyl cobblestones but since snow is going to cover it the cobblestone is not essential.  This photo was taken at night so the background looks dark and ominous.

This year I went with a super hero theme, Batman versus Mr. Freeze, seen here on a rooftop.

In previous years I have set up giant green dinosaurs.

Robots versus M47 tanks in a classic science fiction 1950s match up.  The one in the back has been hit and is on fire.

Tanks and supporting infantry defend in the deep snow.  Sure it’s science fiction, but infantry support in built up areas is essential.  This photo was taken during the day, the trees are about 25 yards away.

This year was Batman and Robin, and the Batmobile , versus Mr. Freeze and his Mr. Freezemobile.  We only get one or two days of snow here so I have to act fast.  This photo looks much better with the light poles and the cobblestone mat.

This kind of set up gives me a chance to break out some of the less used vehicles like this Roco M47 tank.  Wars don't stop in the winter.  Washington crossing the Delaware, the Battle of the Bulge all happened during a harsh winter.  You can recreate that in miniature right in your own backyard.

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