Snow and Fire

Gotham City with a light dusting of snow on a winter's day.

When suddenly, the whole city is carpeted with deep drifts of snow, paralyzing the city!  How could this have happened?

What type of car is that, and who is that sinister blue fellow on the top of the Gotham Corner Tower?

Holy Frostbite, citizens, it's Mr. Freeze!

But wait, a GOLD Batmobile?  It's Batgirl, too cold and too much snow to drive the Bat-Girl-Motorcycle!

And the Dynamic Duo have arrived and using the atomic turbines on the Batmobile are melting the snow!

Holy Hotfoot!  That's a lot of flame.

Looks like the frosty felonious friends of Mr. Freeze are fleeing!

And Batgirl moves in to put Mr. Freeze in the cooler.

Just as Batgirl moves in, the snow is back!  Mr. Freeze has been joined by giant penguins.  This can only mean one thing.

That Mr. Freeze has been joined by that Perfidious Bird the Penguin.

Giant penguins, waddling through the streets of Gotham City, doing the bidding of Penguin and Mr. Freeze.  It's a cold day in this great city.

What can we do, Batman?

I hope Batman has another trick up his sleeve, I'm stumped.

Don't worry, Old Chum, I have got something else up my sleeve.

Hurry Batman, those giant penguins are closing in on us!

Wak Wak Wak, well Mr. Freeze it looks like the Dynamic Dunderheads have met their match with my Patented Positronic Penguins!

There Robin, I have deployed the Patented Positronic Penguin Bat Paralyzing Beam on the Batmobile.

It's working the Patented Positronic Penguins have been pulverized!

With their final trick knocked out, Robin the Boy Wonder and Batgirl move in to apprehend Mr. Freeze and the Penguin.

As peace is restored in Gotham City, the streets are swept clean of villains...

and snow so the fair citizens of Gotham City can return to their everyday humdrum lives!


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