Die Cast Planes For Your Army

This die cast aircraft is about HO scale.  In the period between World War One and World War Two many nations operated small numbers of aircraft that looked very much like this one.  When World War Two happened they were still in service often as second line aircraft.  They had also found their way into civilian hands.  So if you are playing a World War Two wargame, or setting up a diorama for the Interwar or World War Two era a plane like this one could be a good choice if you would like an airport in your set up.  The nice thing about die cast models is they are assembled, painted, and very durable.  If you wanted a civilian plane on the airfield being attacked by German troops in France, this plane would not be out of place.  Simply take it out of the package and place it on the table.  If you wanted to depict a second line military aircraft, these can be easily repainted using regular model paints.  A quick spray over with primer paint and then paint it as you would any of your tank models. 

Here are some Airfix WWII USAAF figures with new headgear.  They are preparing this plane for take off.  They could be in the Philippines in 1941, in Java in 1942, or even in California in 1939.

Consider die cast aircraft as an easy and inexpensive way to give yourself an air force.  Then you can spend your savings on tanks!  That's what I do!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

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