M4 T13E Sherman "Aunt Jemima" Mine Roller

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M4 T13E Sherman "Aunt Jemima" Mine Roller tank.  Plastic kit with resin parts.

The M1 Mine Roller was designed to use the weight of the metal discs to explode mines and not damage the tank.  They were very effective at the role, but were limited to hard ground or roads because the weight of the Mine Exploder often caused it to get stuck on soft ground.  The discs resembled a stack of pancakes and so were nicknamed after the famous Aunt Jemima brand. Damaged disks could be replaced in the field.  The tank had a large bumper on the rear hull to allow a second tank to help push in difficult terrain.

These mine rollers were affixed to several types of Sherman tanks and served in Western Europe during World War Two.  There were two tank battalions, about 100 Aunt Jemima equipped Shermans and they would send small detachments into the field to assist other units in need of mine clearance.

This model is based on the M4 Sherman tank.

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