M3A3 Lee Tank, Welded Hull

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M3A3 Lee Tank, Welded Hull -  M3A3 Lee Tank, Welded Hull in HO scale.  This is a white metal kit.  The M3A3 Lee tank was a welded version of the famous riveted Lee tank.  They were used in the Contential United States by the US Army for training.  Over 300 were produced, 40 went to the United Kingdom, and 76 to other nations.  These were a common sight on armor bases, on flat cars, and in parades.  There are five of them in a US Army platoon, and 17 in a company.  This model scales well with the Roco Heiser Models Sherman tanks.  This kit provides options for the original short barrel 75mm cannon, the 75mm cannon with counterweight, or the late production long barrel cannon.  Other options include two different versions of side doors.  Minor accessories like shovel and other tools are included too.

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