Batcopter, H-13 "Sioux" Helicopter

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Batcopter, H-13 "Sioux" Helicopter  -   The original Batcopter was created for the Batman movie, associated with the 1966 hit TV show Batman.  It was a real Bell 47 helicopter that actually few in scenes for the movie and later the TV show.  The original helicopter still exists and is still flying today.  The FAA required the owner remove the "wings" but apart from that the aircraft retains its original appearance. Over 2,400 of these helicopters were manufactured and served with the military forces of over 20 nations, plus numerous police departments.  Many are still flying today.  With minor modifications you recreate the original civilian Bell 47 or a military H-13 Sioux light helicopter. Cut off the wings and repaint the helicopter and it can serve in any of these roles.

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