SWS Halftrack with 20mm Flak

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SWS Halftrack with 20mm Flak - Schwere Wehrmacht Schlepper (SWS), halftrack began
production in late 1942 and they were used until the end of World War Two. Most of them were used on the Eastern Front where they were employed to carry loads and tow trailers and artillery. They were slow but their main purpose was fulfilled by their ability to plow through the harsh conditions of Russia, particularly the snows of winter and mud of spring. The Allied air superiority after D-Day necessitated the Germans mounting anti-aircraft guns on many platforms, including the SWS series halftrack. The high rate of fire of the quad mounted 20mm guns was very good for disrupting the attack of low flying aircraft. They also could be used with devastating effect against group targets. Typical organization is three of these halftracks.

HO scale resin kit for the experienced model builder.

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