Leopard 1A2 Tank

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Leopard 1A2 Tank Bundeswehr was a German main battle tank built between 1972 and 1974; they were manufactured under license by OTO Melara in Italy between 1974 and 1979.  The Germans made 232 and the Italians made 450 as main battle tanks and a hundred more were made in other versions.  The Leopard 1A2 had a stronger cast-steel turret, and better NBC protection.  They also got better night vision and digital radios.  This was a very successful design that was in front line service for over 20 years.  Even today upgraded versions are in service in many countries all over the world.  The tank has a 105mm main gun and weighs about 45 tons.  The Roco kit is an easy to assemble model that makes an excellent kit.

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