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When the Army was working on the M551 Sheridan and the M60A2 tanks they were concerned that the MGM-51 Shillelagh missile system might not be ready in time to install in the production tanks.  There was also a concern that the opposite was possible, the missile might be ready but the tanks might not be able to be produced quickly enough in the event of an emergency.

The Army considered using the Shillelagh in the M41 Walker Bulldog tanks.  The also looked at using the 105mm cannon from the M60 in the M60A2 turret.  While these were design studies only they did actually test the Sheridan turret on an M41 tank hull.  They also mounted the M41 tanks 76mm gun onto a Sheridan for testing as well as at least one type of 105mm cannon.

If things had gotten bad enough they may have even tried this notional tank, the M41 with Shillelagh gun / launcher.  This is a metal Tomy hull and turret, with the Tomy M60A2 gun / launcher, and Roco M41 tank tracks and suspension parts.  A quick and easy conversion project.

Paul Heiser 2 1/2 ton American truck.  The two spare tires behind the cab indicate this is the artillery towing version.  The short bed was an attempt to prevent the truck from being overloaded with ammunition.  Kit is all resin.

Here the truck is towing the Roco 155 howitzer converted into a 4.5 inch gun.  I swapped the end of the gun barrel with a cut down 203mm barrel from a Roco M110, since the model comes with three choices of caliber.  The center of the barrel was silver because the recoil prevented paint from being applied.  Normally these would be towed by tracked prime movers.

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