T5 Halftrack Build Part 3

T5 upside down

Here you can see the underside of the T5 halftracks that I built out of junk Roco Minitanks and Paul Heiser Models.


Some parts were used and even painted in a previous model.  The plastic tracks are Roco and had been heated at sometime in the past.  They and the frame were just slightly warped.


Other bits are custom made from rods, and sheets, and shapes of bulk plastic.  One of my goals for this project was to not spend any money on it.  Everything came from existing stores.


I always do a final inspection outside in the sunlight before things get painted because you never know what you may have missed under artificial light.


I did find several spots were you could see all the way through the model to the ground underneath.  So I used the Testers window maker glue to patch the holes.  It's cheap, easy, dries clear, is very thin, and is paint-able.

glue t5

I used two paint bottles as a stand and you can see the cloudy milky white look to the wet window glue.  It will dry clear and be pretty strong.

t5 primer

I paint upside down, wait a while and them flip them to paint right side up.  Once the holes were filled and the glue was dried I primer painted them with Rust-Oleum 2X Flat Gray primer.

t5 primer

Topside is done.  Next is olive drab!

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