Recon Co

Recon Coy

US Army Reconnaissance Company, circa 1955.


Roco M47 tank painted in Rust-Oleum 2X Deep Forest Green paint.  Cupola from Roco M48 tank mounted on the turret roof.  This was an upgrade that was never fielded.


Roco M41 light tank showing how small it is compared to the M47 medium tank.

M59 M84

Roskopf M59 APC with late production M48 tank style cupola.  Roskopf conversion to M84 120mm mortar carrier.


M59 late production with cupola.  The fear of atomic war caused the US Army to field as many vehicles as possible that could operate in a contaminated environment and yet still fire all their weapons.  So post mounted machine guns were replaced with cupola mounted ones.

M59 M84 rear

M84 on the left with base plate stored on rear ramp, and both vehicles with additional common storage of two gas cans stacked on the left side and tools on the right side.  Storage by Paul Heiser Models with their Sherman kit.


Four M38 Jeeps, one with .30 caliber machine gun from Roco machine gun set, and the second with radios and antennas from various Roco sets, and two stock Jeeps with canopy.  Jeeps have had rear floors installed since the Roco M38 rear floor is very bad.  Rear seat removed from the machine gun Jeep to provide the operator more room.  All of these Roco and Roskopf models have been out for over 40 years, and some of these specific ones have been in my collection at least that long.  They are just now getting assembled, painted, and modified. 

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