M4(105) Sherman HO Scale Resin Model

Paul Heiser makes an extensive line of HO scale Sherman tanks.

This is the M4 105 mm howitzer version of the Sherman tank.  This simple instruction sheet is all the direction you need to make this model.

The main hull and turret have very little flash and fit well together.

What excellent detail for a resin kit!

The hull has a big hole in it where the turret goes and this big plug fits nicely inside.  Not too tight to move the turret around easily, but big enough that it won't easily fall out.

You can add as much or as little detail as you want to spruce up the model.  The resin model comes with the plastic accessory sprue.

Here are most of the other resin parts.  You get two each of the turret roof hatches in case you break one.  And you get two hull hatches so you can model your tank with the hull hatches open.

Side view of the completed tank model.  I used 5 minute epoxy and gap filling super glue to put it together.

I did not add some of the small details like the headlights.  My models are intended for miniature wargames and such tiny bits are easy to break off in handling.  Note the finely detailed track pattern, and see how it reflects on the showroom floor.  These tracks also have duckbill end connectors.

First go around on the painting process.  I always primer paint my resin models to help the paint adhere better.


A group of Paul Heiser Sherman tanks, Jeep, and trucks on maneuvers.

Overall coat of olive drab and it's ready for war.

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