Heiser Sherman M4A3 Tank

This is the basic M4A3 Sherman tank used by the US Army in World War Two in HO 1/87th scale made by Paul Heiser Models.  It is an all plastic kit and is a substantial upgrade from the old Roco Minitank number Z-202 model.

Once I saw my first Paul Heiser Model Sherman in about 1988 I replaced about 100 Roco Shermans.  These are so much better!  This model is a glue together kit, and unlike the Roco Sherman it does not have visible snap attachment points in the front and rear hull, giving a much better appearance.

All I have done with this model is the basic assembly, I have not yet added most of the vast array of little bits and pieces that really make this an excellent kit.

The first thing to note is the upper turret.  You get choices for the original cupola with the split hatch.  Since it is a cupola the hatches can be opened to the side or front and rear.  You get the later cupola with more vision blocks in it.  These were interchangeable and so older tanks could be retro-fitted with them in the field.  You also get the loaders hatch which is a later production enhancement.  It was designed to be flush with the top of the turret so you have to sand down the model hatch to make it look just right, it's too thick off the sprue.  That was done to make it a sturdier piece and insure a complete casting.

The model also comes with the old style narrow mantlet or the newer wide mantlet.  Note the barrels are recessed to give the illusion that they are tubes!

This is the main sprue of the tank.  Paul Heiser makes three all plastic Shermans, this one is the M4A3.  The main difference is the upper hull on each one that depicts the welded or cast hull or engine variations.

The most important difference between this and the Roco is the engine deck is correct on this tank model. 

This is the other difference between the Roco Sherman and the Paul Heiser Sherman.  The little bits!.  Extra track links, extra road wheel, Jerry cans in two different styles, a .30 caliber and a .50 caliber machine gun.  Loads of hooks, and tools, and other detail accessories.  These are all plastic and very thin so they are perfect in scale.  Be sure to use a very fine sprue cutter or sharp knife to remove these pieces.

Paul Heiser made at least a dozen different Sherman tank models, three in plastic and the others with both resin and plastic parts.  Once assembled they are very sturdy, and look great. 

I have over 100 of them in my collection, including several that serve my American, Soviet Union, and even WWII German armies.

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