Deployment of the T5 Halftack

T5 75mm gun battery

75mm gun battery deployed for firing.

t5 mg

T5 halftracks with machine guns deployed for anti-aircraft defense.

T5 more

The other two halftracks cover more area with their machine guns.


Artillery crews prepare to fire.

crews with 75mm guns

The crews are ready with the latest in firepower and mobility.

Full battery

Some men have rifles in case the enemy infantry makes a breakthrough.


A Marmon-Herrington tank moves past the battery.

This was a fun project.  The 75mm guns had been languishing in my spares box for perhaps 40 years.  The halftrack bits and the Dodge trucks for at least 15 years and likely much longer.  It's great to bring old kits back to life, and make something I can't get commercially.

My 1938 US Army project is designed for several types of warfare, including US intervention France, in September, 1939, and of course War of the Worlds, as in the Orson Wells radio broadcast of October, 1938.

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