M38A1 Jeep With .50 Caliber MG

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M38A1 Jeep with .50 Caliber MG  The M-38 series of Jeeps was widely used by the US Army and many other military and civilian operators. The standard Roco sets come with a canvas top, or .50 caliber machine gun, 90mm BAT recoilless rifle or the 106mm recoilless rifle. Vast numbers of these Jeeps were used in many other configurations. Using bits from other Roco vehicles or from the spares box you can add almost any machine gun or small rocket launcher from about 1950 to 1990 and it was probably used by someone’s army! These Jeeps were also used for reconnaissance, so you can add a radio and antennas, as an ambulance so stretchers would be helpful, or even as a light supply vehicle, towing a trailer

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