Morser Karl 54cm

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Morser Karl 54cm 

Finally the Morser Karl is available in true HO 1/87 scale! The 540mm version of the Morser Karl was the long range version of the 600mm mortar.  The two vehicles were interchangeable, only the barrel was different to fire a slightly smaller but longer range projectile.  These weapons fought from the beginning of the war with Russia in 1941 all the way to nearly the end of the war.  Seven were manufactured, and six participated in combat in batteries of four or two mortars.  They bombarded the Russians at Brest-Litovsk, and Sevastopol early in the war, and later devastated  whole city blocks in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  Later on the Westernfront they fought in the Battle of the Bulge and Battle of the Bridge at Remagen.  The Germans built a special Panzer IV as a munitions carrier to carry two of the massive 540mm rounds.  This set is in highly detailed resin.

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